Magic Hat sues West Sixth over logo

nore-more-magic-hatMay the best foam win. West Sixth Brewery out of Lexington woke up today to a lawsuit by craft beer heavyweights Magic Hat out of Vermont. They’re claiming West Sixth’s logo is too similar to their Magic Hat #9 signage. West Sixth is fighting back by launching a social media boycott of Magic Hat beer.

According to a statement by West Sixth, the folks at Magic Hat are “claiming that we intentionally copied their logo, and that has caused them ‘irreparable harm,’ enough that they’re asking for not only damages but also for all our profits up until this point (little do they know that well, as a startup company, there wasn’t any, oops!).”

West Sixth also says their logo was designed by Lexington company Cricket Press. They’ve consulted a few lawyers and are not worried about the lawsuit, and have also reached out to Magic Hat to resolve the matter amicably but have not heard back.

To read more about the boycott, click here.

I’ve reached out to my guy at Magic Hat for a comment and will post it here if/when he gets back to me.


2 thoughts on “Magic Hat sues West Sixth over logo

  1. Matt says:

    I can understand their concern. One of their loyal customers might accidentally take a swig and find a product that’s not bland and fruity. And they might not buy Magic Hat any more.

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