Ice bars are lame

New_York_Gets_Its_First-c8589104d3974e00c712026f8efc368bWould you pay a $20-$45 cover just to get into a bar? And what if I told you the heat was broken and it was the dead of winter? The furniture is literally ice. And the temperature inside? A chilling 23 degrees. Unfortunately, this is exactly what the new Minus5 Ice Bar in NYC is touting, which just opened on Monday at the Hilton Hotel New York on Sixth Avenue.

I saw a franchise of this concept in Vegas a few years ago but didn’t go in due to the high cover charge. I’m just not convinced that it’s fun to drink while freezing your ass off. And what if it gets so cold that your tongue gets stuck to a beer bottle or martini glass?

I suppose I wouldn’t mind seeing the bartenders who serve drinks in bikinis, but after a while I’d start to feel sorry for them and give ’em my coat.

I like my drinks on the rocks, not my drinking on the rocks.

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