Today’s Reason To Drink

boy-making-wishI really hope my former intern Jennifer brings me a mocha from Heine Bros. this morning. Some hippie once told me to say my hopes/wishes out loud, so there you go. I’m also hoping I win the lottery soon, or just get $20,000 so I can rid myself of a car payment. I hope I lose 15 pounds this summer. I hope for free beer and a continuation of great friendships. I hope my crush wants to spend more time with me soon, and I hope all the fires that are burning across the country are put out. I hope for equality for everyone, and more strawberry Starbursts in a pack.

One thought on “Today’s Reason To Drink

  1. GreatPaige says:

    I love it Bar Belle! I will speak what I want outloud into the universe. I WANT MY CANCER THAT MY TITS GAVE ME TO GO INTO REMISSION! And I want free beer just like you!!

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