Free bourbon, dissected pig

My friend Kaylyn and me avoiding the pig head

Last week I was invited to Knob Creek’s Big Flavor Dinner at 610 Magnolia. I generally don’t get invited to fancy places like 610, so I RSVP’d before I even finished reading the press release. I read that there’d be bourbon cocktails and samples of Knob Creek products: Knob Creek, Knob Rye Whiskey, Knob Single Barrel, and Knob Smoked Maple. So I was in! Dinner would just be the icing on the whiskey cake.

I should have kept reading. Somehow I skipped over the part that stated: “This dinner will give guests an unmatched, full-flavored culinary experience that includes a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation of the dinner as well as a butchering demonstration.” Butchering demonstration? There’s apparently nothing I wouldn’t do for free bourbon.

I walked in and immediately found the bar, of course. As I scanned the room for familiar faces, I saw something that immediately gave me flashbacks to 7th-grade science class — a pig splayed out on a table. I could have sworn I smelled the formaldehyde that wafted through my junior high hallways. But there weren’t actually any preservatives. The demonstration, led by Chef Edward Lee, was to enlighten guests on where their favorite pig meat comes from — what part of the pig produces the pork chop, which part produces bacon, etc.


Oink! Oink! Where’s my bourbon?

For those who could stand to look, I’m sure it was an enjoyable experience. I, unfortunately, had to step outside to avoid hearing sawing of the bones. But I’m one of those stupid carnivores who don’t want to think about where their meat comes from. I admit my faults as a meat-eating human being.

After the demonstration, we went into the restaurant and hat a sit-down meal that paired pork dishes with samples of the above-mentioned Knob Creek products. It was delicious — including the bacon-and-egg-flavored ice cream at the end.

Three cheers to Knob Creek, Edward Lee and 610 Magnolia! Seeing a dead pig head was definitely worth free bourbon.

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