Today’s Reason To Drink


So the Olympics’ Opening Ceremony is tonight, and I’m a bit worried about everyone over yonder in Sochi, Russia, mostly the gays and the dogs. Apparently they don’t like either. Go figure. I’m not sure there’s much we can do for the pups, but Big Bar is stepping up tonight to do something for the ice-skating twinks and the lesbians wielding snowboards and every shade of gay in between. They’re joining bars across the country, like The Abbey in West Hollywood and Boxers in NYC, to create a “Pride House” and support the Russia Freedom Fund.

Apparently, at other Olympics, there has been a Pride House in the host country. But this year, Russia put its hefty snow boot down and has forbidden one in Sochi. In response, bars and restaurants across the country are becoming Pride Houses to express solidarity with gay Russians, and are donating $1 from every drink sold between 9 p.m.-midnight to the Russia Freedom Fund.

So basically, get your tail over to Big Bar tonight and drink as much as you can starting at 9 p.m.

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