Sip ‘n’ Shop at Lucky’s


I finally made it over to Lucky’s Market today because I heard you could drink beer while you shop. Imagine that! Mexicans have actually perfected that practice, and it’s standard to offer shoppers tequila in most Mexican stores. I went to Cozumel once and nearly bought my weight in silver because it didn’t feel right turning down the shots they offered. Makes sense to me — get your customers liquored up and they’ll buy whatever you’re selling. Who hasn’t logged on to eBay at 3 a.m. and made a purchase they immediately regretted in the morning? I once bought a tennis racket with no strings because I didn’t read the details.

But back to Lucky’s. For $2, you can get a pint of mostly local beer — Falls City, Cumberland, NABC and a few other selections — and drink it while you roam the grocery aisles. It’s called Sip And Stroll, and it’s not a bad deal. I thought I’d try it out this afternoon and ordered a pint of Falls City. As I strolled around the produce section, I got a few stares from soccer moms. Maybe it’s best to Sip And Stroll with friends so you don’t look like an unemployed weirdo.

Here are some photos I took while taking my grocery shopping experience to a whole new level.


What’s better than beer and a Bit o Honey?


Beer and candy!?!?






Eat your veggies!

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