Fantasy Football nerds unite

10644978_10152299520841658_2297146354914364295_nAutumn is hands down my favorite part of the year — mainly because I have an October birthday, but also because the summer’s humidity starts to disappear, the leaves change colors and fall to the ground, making for a crispy walk to the park, and because football season begins. I’ve always been a fan of NFL football — each of my family members was loyal to different teams and fought every Sunday for a win. I was a Dolphins fan back in the day, mainly because of Dan Marino, and partly because I thought I’d one day work at Sea World. That never worked out, and I no longer have any ties to Miami. Since I’m from the Dayton area, I sometimes throw my support to the Bengals because, let’s face it, they need good juju coming from every fan they can get. I’ve also liked the Packers and the Saints throughout the years. But it wasn’t until I got into Fantasy Football when the game really became fun to watch — for all teams, or at least all the teams I had players on.

This year I’m doing two FF leagues, and this past weekend I had both drafts. I’m happy with one team and worried about the other. The first team, aptly named Eat a Vick, which is through ESPN, I drafted Matt Stafford and Tom Brady as my QBs, followed by L. McCoy and D. Martin (RBs) and A.J. Green and J. Nelson (WRs) and J. Cameron (TE). In the second league, named Brees Nutz, through, I got Andrew Luck and Ryan Tannehill as QBs, A. Morris and A. Ellington as RBs, D. Thomas and M. Wallace as WRs and J. Reed as a TE. I also drafted RB Jacquizz Rodgers based only on his awesome name.

Like I hinted at before, I’m just not as confident with Brees Nutz as I am with Eat a Vick. But only time will tell. You never know which player or players are overrated, who will be injured and which sleeper will come out of nowhere and score the most points (Jacquizz!). I’ll keep you updated.

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