Today’s Reason To Drink

A game of Raise the Stein broke out at Mulligan's last week.

A game of Raise the Stein broke out at Mulligan’s last week.

I forgot to tell you about this random game I got pulled into last week at Mulligan’s. I was there to meet my stooge friend Dan for a beer. We couldn’t help but notice these large beer mugs — of the German variety — filled to the top with water sitting at a nearby table. There was a big sign-up sheet and two people with Sam Adams swag near that. Since I’m a swag whore, I needed to know what was happening. Turns out it was a competition to see who could hold the beer mug at arm’s length for the longest amount of time.

I, naturally, signed up and watched as the men duked it out first. It looked tough. Their goal was four minutes. Only one made it that long.

Since ladies are delicate, our goal was only two minutes — in which case we’d win a free beer. Well, I love free beer as much as I love free swag, so I grunted, shook and sweated my way to the two-minute mark. A few buffer ladies held it much longer, but I was happy to settle for a pint of Sam Adams’ Oktoberfest.

My arm was sore the next day. :/

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