Today’s Reason To Drink

photo 1The thrill I get from discovering a new bar is unexplainable and drives me to keep exploring. Last night I stumbled into Overtime, a new bar close to Churchill Downs and Cardinal Stadium. It sits at the corner of Central and Third and is a pretty slick, clean, professional sports bar. There’s even a TV outside for those on the patio — check it out in the picture!

Overtime reminded me of a place “Bar Rescue” host Jon Taffer would conceive of after he tore down a pre-existing dump and built a new and improved bar in its place. It had some chain-like qualities, mainly because it was so clean, but I was assured the place comes out of Bowling Green. There’s also one in Franklin, Ky.

They’re definitely going after the college crowd as evidenced by the cheap beer prices (Yes!!!), wing specials and black and red everywhere (the floor is a shiny red, while the tables, chairs and booths are black). TVs are everywhere as well — and they’ve got the Sunday Ticket for those looking for a cozy spot to watch NFL football.

Did I mention the beer specials? Happy hour runs from 3-7 p.m. and resumes after 10 p.m. and includes 22 ounce domestic drafts for $2.99. That’s a steal! I had a couple mugs of Miller Lite and am happy to report the beer is cold, crisp and fresh. They have dozens of beers on tap — so don’t let my love of domestics keep you away. There’s West Sixth, Southern Tier, Bell’s and lots more.

Tap it!

Tap it!

On Thursdays, the pint special is 2 for 1 — and that’s applied to ALL the beers, not just my shitty Miller Lite (I hear you haters).

We sampled the appetizers, and it’s a pretty standard bar menu — wings, nachos, fried mushroom caps, cheese sticks, etc. The rest of the menu runs the gamut between lasagna, pizza, steak, sandwiches, wraps, and much more.

Next time you’re over near the track or tailgating at the stadium, check out Overtime. It’s located at 307 Central Ave.

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