Today’s Reason To Drink


Does this happen to anyone else: Every time you enter Walmart you have a panic attack?

I try not to shop at Walmart because I don’t agree¬†with their philosophies and lack of business ethics, but I had to stop by yesterday to return a cracked Brita Water Pitcher I had bought there. As soon as I entered the sliding doors, my head started to spin. It was like the first time I tried chewing tobacco and accidentally swallowed a little. My palms were sweating. I nearly got ran over by a large woman on a Rascal on her way to frozen foods. My breathing accelerated. I had to escape. Now.

My plan was to pick up a few groceries, but I didn’t make it past Aisle 1. I went immediately to Target, did not pass Go, did not collect $200. At Target, I was able to breath again. And I almost hugged a smiling red-shirted employee.

I love you, Target. I will never cheat again.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Reason To Drink

  1. I have the exact same anxiety for the same reasons. I had to go into a Walmart Neighborhood place with a friend to fill her prescription after she had a dental procedure. Took me about a month to recover. Wanna know what’s even better than Target in KY? Target in IN!! They sell booze!!!!

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