Today’s Reason To Drink

The new Dundee Dip is still the old Dundee Dip, thank god!

The new Dundee Dip is still the old Dundee Dip, thank god!

OK, so I survived my first visit to the new Dundee Gastropub. Thankfully they didn’t change the interior of the bar/restaurant, and there were still lots of familiar faces bringing food and drinks. Of course I ordered the Dip as soon as I sat down, and while it’s served on a new white plate, I’m happy to report it is the same recipe. Whew!

The rest of the menu hovers on fancy bar food. I made a note to try the Chicken & Waffles when I’m more hungry, so I ended up splitting wings with my buddy Kevin. They were a lot better than what they had been, but still were nothing to write home about. I doubt I’ll order them again, but I may try the boneless option next I’m craving something hot.

My friend Laura got the BELT sandwich, which was a take on the BLT but added an egg. And my friend Courtney got a grilled cheese made with spare rib pork. The sandwiches were both delicious.

My one complaint is the price of the draft beer. For a pint of Miller Lite (only the best), it was $3.25. I’d say that’s a little much for a domestic draft — I’d be happy if it was $2.75, or even an even $3. That’s just me being cheap, I suppose.

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