Oscar Drinking Game

My friends Steph and Anna G-Grand came up with their own Oscar Drinking Game. I think it’s pretty damn funny and will be interesting to watch them attempt this. If anyone would like to play along, here are the rules:

Oscar Drinking Game

Drink …

  • oscar_statue1If someone wears yellow
  • If someone is prego, spit out your beer
  • If someone cries (shot)
  • If someone thanks Jesus Christ or his dad
  • If JLaw acts a fool on red carpet (shot)
  • If there are any mentions of Meryl Streep in an acceptance speech
  • Whenever they pan to Matthew McConaughey
  • If a black person wins / drink twice if it’s for best actor/actress role
  • If Meryl wins
  • Anytime you see or hear Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Anytime an English actress presents
  • If someone almost forgets to thank his or her spouse
  • If someone mispronounces someoneʼs name
  • When the music starts playing during an acceptance speech
  • If celebrities with three names are mentioned (note: Julianne Moore is only two names)

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