Today’s Reason To Drink

ConeHave you had a McDonald’s ice cream cone lately? They must have tweaked the recipe, because it’s downright delicious! I don’t remember it being so smooth and creamy … but perhaps that’s because I haven’t had one in a while. It was like a dream box of marshmallow-y goodness.

Most coveted things taste better after a break, wouldn’t you say? Like the other night I had a steak at Texas Roadhouse, and it knocked my long-horned-steer socks off. Off the top of my head, other things that push the right buttons after a long hiatus: Twix bars, sweaters, Malibu Rum, vacations, sex, “Big Brother,” voting, high school friends, Peeps, a winning U of L football team, Guinness, cheese fries, Rich O’s stuffed mushrooms, Mom’s mashed potatoes, and playing Monopoly.

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