Breaking News: Flanagan’s offers up the Warsteiner beer boot at Pint Night tonight!

Bootie call!

Bootie call!

When I come across tidbits of valuable information I think my readers might need to know about, I post it here, the virtual bar bathroom wall. Along with your mom’s name and number, you’ll find some very useful information. Like this:

Tonight’s Pint Night at Flanagan’s features the highly sought-after Warsteiner Oktoberfest Das Boot glass — filled up, of course, with beer that’s 5.9% ABV. Yep, don’t need a pair of these puppies.

The boot sales begin at 8 p.m., but first up is Sweetwater’s Waterkeeper at 7. The German-style Hefeweizen will be served in a brand new, yet-to-be-seen glass, as well — which you get to keep!

You’re welcome.

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