Bar Belle from 2/6/16 Insider Louisville — Mardi Gras trumps Valentine’s

heartcandyHere’s my most recent column about my concern over the plethora of Valentine’s Day events, compared to very few Mardi Gras celebrations. King Cake is way better than chalky heart candies that read “Cutie” any day!

Do you agree?

It’s also a roundup of Fat Tuesday parties planned for, well, tomorrow — Fat Tuesday.

Here’s a snippet:

“I have a suspicion that an injustice is occurring, and it’s not making me happy considering the outcome. I’m not talking about politics or Oprah’s $72 million Weight Watchers’ windfall. I’m talking about Valentine’s Day overshadowing Mardi Gras this year due to the holidays falling within close proximity to each other. I’d much rather feast on Fat Tuesday than acknowledge a holiday that celebrates notions foreign to my cold, dead heart.”

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