No need for ice: Woodford’s Frosty Four Wood gives me chills

Frosty-Four-Wood-177x300Alcohol Professor wanted to know what I thought about Woodford Reserve’s new Frosty Four Wood — available only at the distillery in Versailles, Ky. — so here are my thoughts. Frankly, the taste blew my mind. I thought nothing could top the Double Double Oaked, and then I met this vixen who put my taste buds in a tizzy.

“At first sip, it hits you right up front with fruit and maple flavors, followed by a flash of spice and almost no finish whatsoever. At 90.4 proof, the whiskey is best enjoyed neat. I put a cap full of water to see how it would open up, but even a small amount washed away some of those initial sparks and flavors. I described it to a friend as “Christmas covered in maple syrup,” and that’s what I keep coming back to when describing the unique whiskey.”

Oh, Frosty Four Wood, I’ll never be the same.

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