Today’s Reason To Drink

MemeI’m usually grumpy and still asleep when I force myself to attend the 6 a.m. spin class at the Y downtown. I don’t make friends, and in fact, usually just keep my head down and curse all the happy, alert people around me.

But today, someone said something that immediately plucked me out of my slumber. I had to look up to verify it was an actual human being who uttered, “I’ve never stayed up till 1 a.m. on a Saturday!”

This towering beanpole of a girl was much younger than me, and she said it so matter-of-factly that I thought I was in another universe. What was she talking about?

Well, the instructor happily greeted her when she entered the room, surprised she had made it to class after a grueling weekend travel schedule. Turns out her plane landed a little before 1 .m. Saturday night, to which she said the above statement. So it took her all of Sunday to recuperate from staying up till 1 a.m.?? Whew, I can’t believe she made it to class, either. What a fucking trooper. She needs an award.

Lordy B.

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