Today’s Reason To Drink

img_6459Well, I survived my 40th birthday with organs and limbs intact, although I probably burned a few brain cells. I was so amazed at how many friends came out to help me celebrate on Friday night, a party my buddies Elizabeth, Michelle and Holly threw for me.

The picture you see here is a present that came all the way from Japan … the last country you can buy Zima in! I also got lots of wine, bourbon, cheese-cutting utensils and chocolate, so it looks like you all know me pretty well.

My meatball Elizabeth even wrote a toast for the occasion, which I’ll post below, because I can tell she put a lot of blood, sweat and beers into it.


Here’s to my dearest friend Sara.
She’s turning 40 today, but she’s made the most of her last era.

She goes by many names like The Bar Belle, Shavens or even meatball,
But she’s probably best known for her legendary pub crawl.

Sara likes Pretty Woman, Debbie Gibson and bourbon, it’s true.
But don’t think for a minute that a keg of beer won’t do.

Many of you have heard stories about her escapades that are legendary.
But to my friend Sara, that’s just life and it’s simply ordinary.

Now it’s time to make a toast to the friend we love the most.
But let’s first take a moment to be thankful we don’t live by the coast.

So here’s to Sara, one of the best we all know.
Could this poem be complete without a dick joke? Oh no!

I’m just kidding, that’s not my style.
Cheers to Sara turning 40 and her ever contagious smile!

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