Today’s Reason To Drink

My buddy Erik Underwood designed this for me.

My buddy Erik Underwood designed this. It’s Jimmy and me at last summer’s Whisky Live event.

Caught up with Wild Turkey master distiller Jimmy Russell last night at Westport Whiskey & Wine. He was conducting a tasting of six Turkey products and signing bottles as well. Like the nerd I am, I brought in a bottle of Kentucky Spirit I had, and ended up buying a bottle of Russel’s Reserve 10-Year as well, just so I could get his autograph and get close to the man who has been working in the industry for 63 years.

He had a lot of wisdom to impart, including: “You know it’s time to stop drinking when the eyes of the turkey on the bottle start blinking.” He also warned us of the potent juice that comes from dogging a barrel, which means adding a gallon of water to an empty bourbon barrel and rolling it around for a few days.

Jimmy is the man.

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