Today’s Reason To Drink

daydrinkA very good friend of mine —  who is one half of “the meatballs,” as some people refer to us as — just said to me that in 2017, she’d like to do more day drinking instead of staying out so late. I think that is one of the best ideas she’s ever had, and she has a lot of ideas, all the time.

Why is this such a good idea? Let me count the ways …

  1. No covers.
  2. No lines.
  3. No drunk douchebags.
  4. No crowds.
  5. Drinks are usually cheaper.
  6. Hangovers will be less because we will get plenty of sleep and consume lots of water before bed.
  7. First pick of bar stools and/or tables.
  8. Make better connections with bartenders and staff.
  9. It’s fun.
  10. No rate spikes for Uber or Lyft.

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