Today’s Reason To Drink

Sweet baby baby Jesus. The Double Double is back!

Sweet baby baby Jesus. The Double Double is back!

Just when I thought I had lost all hope for humanity, along comes a little email that turned my grumpy-cat frown upside down. Woodford Reserve is re-releasing the Double Double Oaked. I feel like I’ve double died and gone to heaven!

The legend of the delicious, limited-quantity bourbon goes something like this … Down at the Woodford Distillery in Versailles, Ky. (a gorgeous place to experience if you’ve never been), they were moving around some barrels of Woodford Double Oaked and realized they had found a batch that accidentally sat aging an extra year.

I’m taking creative license here with the story, so don’t quote me on it.

Anyway, the standard Double Oaked is created by taking fully matured Woodford Reserve and putting it into a second new barrel that has been lightly charred but heavily toasted — like a delicious marshmallow. It usually ages in that second barrel for one year.

So when the crew found this batch that had been mingling with toasted marshmallows an extra year, they said what any of us would have: “Let’s open that sucker up and try the juice!”

(That’s what she said.)

Thus, Double Double Oaked was born, and it’s part of the limited-edition Distillery Series. Most bottles can be found at the distillery, and a few you might be able to find around town if you’re lucky. It’s worth the hunt, trust me.

And please let me know if you find any, and I will do the same. I still have some left from the first release in 2015, so tonight I’m going to pour a few ounces and relive the sweet, sweet Double Double.

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