Today’s Reason To Drink


Talk dirty to me.

Valentine’s Day is all about coupling up, right? Enjoying the company of a partner. Love and flirting and gross displays of affection and lust and sex and kissing and … a very lonely day for singles.

But there’s one couple in town I can get behind, because when they come together, we all benefit. Get your mind out of the gutter, because I’m talking about the recent caffeine-fueld product made by Red Hot Roasters and Cellar Door Chocolates.

I tried it for the first time at a bourbon event, of all places. And before you ask why I wasn’t drinking bourbon, I’ll have you know I drank a little too much bourbon the night before (see post from yesterday), and coffee sounded like just what my throbbing head needed.

My first thought was, “Hmm, chocolate coffee. Is this a mocha?” But when Red Hot Roasters owner Sondra Powell explained that it’s her coffee blended with Cellar Door’s chocolate, I was all in. And I bought a can to take home. And now I’m wishing they sold it by the cup, because I would “run an errand” really quick and get me one.

The thick, succulent, semi-sweet qualities we love about chocolate dance a flawless tango with the rich coffee. Taste after taste had endorphins surging throughout my body. I was buzzing with anticipation of the next sip. It was “Fifty Shades of Brown” in my mouth, and I wanted more. I begged for more.

Do you yourself a favor and pick up a can of this stuff. You can find it at either Red Hot Roasters or Cellar Door Chocolate locations, as well as a few other places, including Nanz & Kraft, the place where I tried it.

You won’t be disappointed. You just might need a cigarette after.

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