Today’s Reason To Drink

That’s about right.

I’ve lost my patience. Has anyone seen it?

Seriously, though. Doctors. Is there a reason we have to wait an hour or longer just for you to come into our room? Even if we’re the VERY FIRST appointment of the day? I understand emergencies come up and schedules get behind, but sitting in that tiny room for more than 45 minutes staring at a poster listing all the reasons to stop smoking makes my blood boil.

And I really didn’t have an ailment. Just switching doctors and checking in. Needless to say, when she sent me to the lab, I walked right out the door. I now probably suffer from high blood pressure.

If they could somehow add a bloody mary bar or even a sauna to a waiting room, that might make it more fun. Or give out free massages and foot rubs.

That is all.

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