Today’s Reason To Drink

Respect the mint julep.

A report recently leaked out that journalist and satirist H.L. Mencken said he preferred rye whiskey to bourbon in his mint juleps.

To which Kentucky author and humorist Irvin S. Cobb said: “Any man who would put rye in a mint julep would put scorpions in a baby’s bed.”

I agree. A mint julep should be as sweet and sappy as if you were licking that wallpaper in “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.” It’s one of my favorite drinks, and it absolutely has to be made right in order to properly enjoy it — including the snowcone-like ice.

Anyone who turns their nose up at the drink because of what they tasted in the Derby infield has not had a proper mint julep. I beg you to go to Proof, Silver Dollar, Jack’s or any other decent cocktail bar and try it again, Sam. In fact, go ahead and order two — I’ll meet you there.

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