Today’s Reason To Drink

Tony’s was one of my favorite college bars. We’d show up early for free nachos and wings, and drink pitchers Michelob Light.

Do you remember your first drink?

Technically mine was probably a sip of Bud Light from my mom or dad’s one bottle of beer they’d have when we had the luxury of ordering pizza. I thought it was nasty.

The first thing I ever ordered at a bar was a Bud Dry, because I had no idea what I was doing and had just seen a commercial for the beer. It was my very first night of college, so I must have been 17 or 18 maybe? There was a bar in Athens, Ohio — home of Ohio University — that served anyone and everyone, regardless of age. Ahh, those sweet, sweet memories.

When we weren’t at The Greenery, we were sneaking drinks in our dorm rooms, and I remember being introduced to vodka, tequila, peach schnapps and something called 151 — which did not go well with coffee. This is when I discovered Zima and made that my ultimate drink of choice in those pre-21 days.

Soon it was on to shitty cheap beer at frat parties, and then Bud Light/Miller Lite draft at college pubs.

Sadly, I didn’t truly discover bourbon until I moved to Kentucky in 1999. And even then, it took me a few years to warm up to its tasty hug.

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