Today’s Reason To Drink

I often drink The Whole SheBang, much to my head’s demise — the next morning.

SheBang is one of my favorite red wines, and if you happen to see me dining at Dragon King’s Daughter in the Highlands, you can bet I’m drinking a glass (OK, bottle) of it. I’ve also seen it at the Wine Market next door to Big Bar, and it’s at all the major liquor stores, too, including that East End behemoth Total Wine & Spirits.

For a California Red, it’s spicy, thick and smooth. It reminds me of a Zinfandel — like my other favorite 7 Deadly Zins — but is even more approachable for non-wine drinkers, and it pairs well with those Asian-fusion ginger chicken tacos.

Try it next time your at DKD or at the liquor store!

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