Today’s Reason To Drink

Spin class should be dark and quiet, other than the music and the instructions.

I’m usually half awake when I get to the 6 a.m. spin class. But this morning, my now-favorite spin instructor landed a zinger on two yentas who were talking throughout the entire class. It was so startling, it woke me from my leg-spinning slumber and I think I even let out a verbal “Yes!” and may have clapped.

After rudely carrying on a conversation during the first half of the class, one of the girls asked the instructor if she could turn down the music. And Awesome Instructor said, “I’ll turn down the music when you turn down the talking. I like to keep the music louder than the conversations.”

I’ve cursed these chatting Kathys under my breath for months, and once I sat next to a girl who dared to shush them. They looked back and gave an eye roll and continued on talking about mundane activities in their equally mundane lives.

There’s no talking in spin class! In fact, I’m happy if I can get in and out of the gym without talking at all.

One thought on “Today’s Reason To Drink

  1. gnash001 says:

    I HATE when people insist on talking during concerts! If all they want to do is carry on a conversation, why spend the $$$ on tickets? More than once, I’ve suggested to them that they could hear each other a lot better if they went outside to talk (or to the back of the lawn for outdoor shows).

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