Today’s Reason To Drink

Now that’s a well-topped colada!

I’m headed to the sandy beaches of Florida tomorrow morning at 4 a.m., so I probably won’t be posting here until I get back next week — unless I can figure out the app for this site. I plan on consuming mass amounts of rum — so much so that I’ll meet my quota for the year on that spirit.

I also plan on getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle of pool, beach and tiki bar — and hopefully my crash landing doesn’t hurt anyone or anything.

I plan on getting some sun, laughing with friends, sweating in the hot tub, taking in a brunch that lasts through midnight, eating TCBY, dancing like a fool, and making sure every frozen drink I consume has a well-poured topper.

I’m sure all three of you who read this site will survive while I’m gone … just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do — like drink a bottle of red wine after a gin & tonic. That lesson was a hard one to learn.

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