Today’s Reason To Drink


Heading to Bardstown this afternoon to talk with the man, the myth and the legend, Four Roses‘ Al Young. He’s been with the distillery 50 years, and they’re releasing a limited-edition bottle in his honor.

(Of course I’ll link to the story here once I write it, so don’t despair.)

What you should be concerned about is how to get your hands on a sample of this new Four Roses bourbon.

I tasted some of it last week and literally fell off my couch. It was sweet, fruity, spicy, sexy and posh — all the Spice Girls rolled into one, really, except for baby and scary. It’s a blend of barrels aged 12-23, so there’s nothing young about it, other than the name Al Young on the bottle.

Plus, the bottle is a throwback to what Four Roses looked like in the late ’60s. It reminds me of the decanters you see on soap operas, or you remember your grandma pouring out of while you hosted a tea party for you and her.

Seriously, I’ve tasted a lot of bourbons in my day, and this one blew me away. It even goes above the Old Fo Birthday Bourbon I had on Monday — although I’ll settle for that any day. I don’t like to play favorites … but wow.

If you are free Saturday and want to try it for yourself, they’re doing the first public tasting of the Al Young Four Roses at Whisky Live. I’ll be there, so I hope you will be, too.

Oh, and look for bottles in your favorite liquor store starting after June 10.

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