Today’s Reason To Drink

Hearts (and lips) on Fire

I tried an amazing new cocktail last night when I took over the Forecastle Festival‘s Instagram in honor of National Bourbon Day. Not sure why they trusted me with their account, but they were buying the drinks, so I didn’t ask.

One of our stops was at Silver Dollar, the fun honky-tonk bar and restaurant on Frankfort Avenue. Apparently, they change their cocktail menu every season, and this is the tail end of their spring offerings.

So if you read this, go now! Because it won’t be there much longer, the cute, blonde bartender told me.

It’s called Hearts on Fire, and it’s made with Buffalo Trace, blood-orange-pineapple-jalapeño shrub, lime and soda. Holy hell, it was delicious. And the jalapeño stung my lips after each sip — in a good way.

I might have to find my way back there this weekend to try it again … and maybe again. The bartender also said they’d probably have that shrub around for a while, so I should ask her for it, even if it’s not on the menu. Would you consider that flirting?

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