Today’s Reason To Drink

Havens Pavens.

Next time I have the hair-brained idea of putting in a patio on my day off, please slap me. I’m serious. Pull my hair. Punch me in the teeth. Spank my ass and call me Sally. Give me a Full Nelson or even a Dirty Sanchez.

For some reason, I decided to construct the small patio you see in the photo on the Fourth of July β€” perhaps because I was bored, or trying to behave myself, or because I eventually want to host backyard parties and need a place to put a grill. Three trips to Home Depot and one very helpful neighbor with a tiller later, I now have less grass to mow.

I didn’t catch up on my Netflix and today I can’t move my limbs, but at least I have a place for a grill I don’t have yet.

Baby steps, Sally.

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