Today’s Reason To Drink

A man (Al Young) and his bourbon.

Sometimes the bourbon gods decide to shower you with good fortune. That happened to me last night, as I had two events to cover for work, both involving bourbon.

The first was a sneak peek of the new Omni Hotel in downtown Louisville, and it also was the season announcement for the Broadway Series. Four Roses sponsored the event, and I was delighted to see both master distiller Brent Elliott and ambassador Al Young present.

The drinks were free, and as I sipped on a Four Roses Small Batch neat, I noticed in another corner, tucked away behind all the schmoozing, was a station offering samples of the Al Young 50-Year Anniversary special release from last year and the 2017 Limited Edition Small Batch.

Let’s just say I didn’t leave that area, and I enjoyed several samples of the Al Young ā€” hands down my favorite bourbon release of 2017. I made everyone I knew at the event try it, and they were blown away.

I was then off to 21c for the first event of the Bourbon Classic, the Savor experience where guests got to sample all four Pappy Van Winkle products. Unfortunately, since I was just covering the event as media, I didn’t get any Pappy samples, however, I was able to partake in other Buffalo Trace brands they had set up at another bar ā€” Weller 12, Elmer T. Lee, E.H. Taylor Small Batch, Eagle Rare and Buffalo Trace.

Not a bad consolation prize whatsoever. I sipped on Weller 12 until it was gone, and then switched to Taylor.

Of course I ate ample amounts of cheese and chocolate at both events ā€” and I even forced myself to try “The Heart of a Bison” appetizer at 21c, which tasted like roast beef. I’m not happy I ate an animal’s heart, but I didn’t know how to turn down such an offer.

Anyway, from Al Young 50-Year Anniversary to Weller 12 … it was a great night, indeed. Thank you, bourbon gods.

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