Today’s Reason To Drink

Hope she enjoys that salad from Dish on Market.

I take my dog for a walk every afternoon downtown, and on my way back to the office just now, I found myself walking behind Pink. Yes, THE singer Pink. She’s in town for her concert tomorrow night.

She was pushing a stroller with her son in it, and her daughter was walking along beside them. They talked about my dog but didn’t ask to pet him. (Dammit.)

I walked on ahead, but they caught up with me at the stoplight. I figured I had to say something, so like a dork, I said, “How do you like Louisville?”

She just said “Great,” and then quickly started a conversation with her daughter and crossed the road in the other direction. I felt like a creeper, but it’s not like I asked for a picture or anything.

If you’re randomly standing next to Pink in Louisville, Ky., I think it’s OK to acknowledge that.

I also wanted to mention that she didn’t approve a media pass for her concert for me, but I refrained.

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