Today’s Reason To Drink

Old Forester should be open by June.

It’s exciting living in Louisville and seeing all these bourbon distilleries come to life. This year alone we will have three more open up — Rabbit Hole, Old Forester and Michter’s.

It’s pretty cool traveling other places and boasting about our state’s signature industry. Bourbon is hip, after all.

It automatically puts us at the cool kids’ table — or at least would score us a free ride in a Lincoln with Matthew McConaughey.

Have you ever thought about what other states brag about? Like, what if you were the tampon-making capital of the world? Would you take people on tours of the facility? Would there be free samples at the end?

I can hear the tour guide now:

“Minnesota makes 95 percent of the world’s tampons. Tampons are made with at least 51 percent cotton. Everybody enjoys their tampons differently — and there is no right or wrong way to enjoy one. Hold this tampon up to the light and take a look at that color. Smell it, savor it. Just be sure to enjoy it in moderation.”

Just another reason we should be thankful we make bourbon in Kentucky.

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