Today’s Reason To Drink

Why was this the only photo I took?

This weekend, I ended up stopping by the 10th anniversary party thrown by Westport Whiskey & Wine. Despite the gross heat, it was so much fun that the only time I got my phone out to take a photo, it was for a bloody mary made with Yellowstone bourbon.

I usually document everything, or at least snap a photo for social media purposes. But no, I talked and sipped and talked and sipped the afternoon away. Oh, and I ate a grilled cheese sandwich, tater tots and Comfy Cow ice cream.

What set this event apart from others was that most of the bourbon sampled came from unique single-barrel selections the store did just for the occasion. Most of those were then available for purchase, which, if you’re a bourbon fan/collector, is such a bonus.

I met a lot of cool people and caught up with a lot of industry friends. I even got some Christmas shopping done for my brother, who’s always after bottles he can’t find in Austin.

Between this and the Pride Parade and Festival, it was a great weekend to be in Louisville.

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