Today’s Reason To Drink

Don’t kick it.

I’m constantly revising my Bucket List.

Earlier I was trying to think what of was on it and drew a blank, so I better start writing this shit down.

Not all of us can have memories like Millennials.

Bar Belle Bucket List

  • Don’t die before I can finally use my 401k money.
  • Go back to Ireland.
  • Visit Australia and/or New Zealand.
  • Find a partner who will stick around more than a year.
  • Drink a bourbon in every state.
  • Help select a barrel of Weller Antique.
  • Be a contestant on “The Price is Right.”
  • Write a book that isn’t self-published.
  • Enjoy cheese in moderation.
  • Visit Greece, Paris and Spain and drink lots of wine at each.
  • Meet Amy Grant.
  • Lose 20 pounds.

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