Today’s Reason To Drink

Better with chocolate.

So I tried the latest Dairy Queen Blizzard — the one with both Reece’s Pieces and bits of Reece’s Cups mixed together, along with some caramel for good measure.

It was delicious, as you might imagine, and I enjoyed the chunkiness throughout the entire small cup.


Y’all’s Louisville Dairy Queens suck because they don’t offer an option of chocolate soft serve. Yes, it’s a fact that a majority of Dairy Queens in the country offer BOTH vanilla and chocolate soft serve.

In fact, the Dairy Queen in my tiny town of Tipp City, Ohio, where I grew up, had both options.

This Blizzard would have been much better with chocolate ice cream instead of the plain-Jane vanilla. Who’s got time for vanilla?

So why don’t Louisville Dairy Queens offer both? I called the DQ HQ shortly after I moved to town and discovered this travesty, and they said it was because one dude owns most of the franchises here, and he chooses to only use vanilla machines.

People just don’t get it.

I’ve done some research over the years, and one of the closest DQs not owned by this dude is in La Grange. So go there and ask for the Blizzard of the Month made with chocolate ice cream.

It’ll change your life.

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