Today’s Reason To Drink

Did you know Louisville is now home to Paula Deen’s Butter Bridge?

I’m not sure which makes my liver kick worse — St. Patrick’s Parade Day or Derby. But glad both of them only come around once a year.

I see that you’ve survived another fast two minutes in sports, so congrats on that.

I don’t care what R. Kelly says, Derby 2019 proved there definitely is something wrong with a little bump and grind.

Anyway, I promised you news in my next post! I did pass the test to become a Bourbon City Cruisers captain, so watch out! The streets of downtown may never be the same, but that’s what my mom said when I first moved here.

Now, I’m not certain when operations will be up and running, so hang tight. I think sometime around May 20 we’re supposed to take the mayor for a ride, so that should be interesting. I’d guess starting next week they’ll be taking reservations, and you can pick one of three: Sightseeing, Distilleries or Cocktails.


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