This honey will have you buzzing

For my birthday last year, my friends Kat and Heather hooked me up with some bourbon-infused honey they had stumbled across while on vacation in Florida. I smiled and said thank you, and then put it in a cupboard and had long forgotten about it until … QUARANTINE!

Since I now have to put more effort into my breakfast — instead of just unwrapping a Luna bar at work — I decided to reacquaint myself with granola, yogurt and fruit, all drizzled in honey, of course. And when I opened my cupboard to find if I had any honey — BAM! — there was this Stubbees Bourbon Infused Honey, much to my delight.

Stubbees Honey

Oh, honey.

I’ve enjoyed the honey so much, it actually disappeared last week. (I also snuck it into a few cocktails here and there, including a Mint Julep during what was supposed to be Derby.)

So I had to order more, and when I went to the website, I found the Florida-based company also makes a Blackberry Bourbon Infused Honey! Well, I nearly fell off my rocker when I saw this, so I ordered one of each — regular and blackberry.

The flat shipping rate of $8 was not too shabby either.

The honey just arrived this morning, and I am relieved to have it back in my household. I can’t wait to try the blackberry and am trying to think of a cocktail to make it with. Suggestions are welcome, but I’m not feeling a Hot Toddy at the moment.

Honey: If Mariah and ABBA sing about it, it’s gotta be good! And for reading this post to the end, I give you the wonderful present of watching this ABBA gem below. Enjoy.


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