Lamar Jackson bobblehead

Lamar rides a Raven on latest bobblehead!

Lamar Jackson bobblehead

Lamar rides a raven!

Look how cute this thing is! The Lamar Jackson bobblehead was officially released today by the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum. Yes, I guess that’s a thing.

The fun decoration — or toy? — features Baltimore Ravens quarterback and NFL MVP Lamar Jackson riding a raven. As you know, Lamar played quarterback here for Louisville just a few short years ago.

Wearing a purple No. 8 jersey, the smiling Lamar bobblehead is holding a football and sitting atop a black raven on a base with the Ravens’ logo. Each bobblehead will be individually numbered to only 2,020, and they are available through the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame’s online store. The bobbleheads will cost you $40, plus $8 for shipping, and will be sent out in June.

“Lamar’s bobbleheads have been among the most popular we’ve had over the past year, and the riding series has been one of the most popular, so combining the two was an easy decision,” said National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum co-founder and CEO Phil Sklar in a news release. “We think this bobblehead turned out great and will be a fan favorite.”

The bobbleheads were created by FOCO, an official licensee and manufacturer of Baltimore Ravens and NFL merchandise. If you check out that website link, you’ll see some of the newest bobblehead creations featuring players from the Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs.

Today’s Reason To Drink

ffAlong with published author, key-to-the-city holder, class clown superlative, and still alive at 40, you can add “fantasy football champion” to the list of accolades on my résumé of life.

I played in two leagues — one competed for money, the other for glory. So, of course, I won the glorious glory hole one, so my only compensation is to brag. Many have asked what my secret was to winning, and it boils down to two words: Aaron Rodgers.

I’d like to thank the academy, and my mom.

Today’s Reason To Drink

ktD1gI just can’t seem to get anywhere in this Fantasy Football bullshit. My guys keep getting injured, or sucking, or being suspended and/or fired. I should be fired as a coach of a Fantasy Football team. I’m sure the announcement will come any day now.

On a happier football note, my Bengals are 7-0 this season. Who-Dey!!