Stubbees Bourbon Honey

This honey will have you buzzing

For my birthday last year, my friends Kat and Heather hooked me up with some bourbon-infused honey they had stumbled across while on vacation in Florida. I smiled and said thank you, and then put it in a cupboard and had long forgotten about it until … QUARANTINE!

Since I now have to put more effort into my breakfast — instead of just unwrapping a Luna bar at work — I decided to reacquaint myself with granola, yogurt and fruit, all drizzled in honey, of course. And when I opened my cupboard to find if I had any honey — BAM! — there was this Stubbees Bourbon Infused Honey, much to my delight.

Stubbees Honey

Oh, honey.

I’ve enjoyed the honey so much, it actually disappeared last week. (I also snuck it into a few cocktails here and there, including a Mint Julep during what was supposed to be Derby.)

So I had to order more, and when I went to the website, I found the Florida-based company also makes a Blackberry Bourbon Infused Honey! Well, I nearly fell off my rocker when I saw this, so I ordered one of each — regular and blackberry.

The flat shipping rate of $8 was not too shabby either.

The honey just arrived this morning, and I am relieved to have it back in my household. I can’t wait to try the blackberry and am trying to think of a cocktail to make it with. Suggestions are welcome, but I’m not feeling a Hot Toddy at the moment.

Honey: If Mariah and ABBA sing about it, it’s gotta be good! And for reading this post to the end, I give you the wonderful present of watching this ABBA gem below. Enjoy.


Doc's Bourbon Room

2,000 bottles of bourbon on the wall … take one down, pass it around at Doc’s Bourbon Room

Doc's Bourbon Room

Doc’s Bourbon Room officially opens Wednesday, Feb. 5. | Photo by Sara Havens

I saw the bourbon bat signal shoot through the midnight sky. Word of a new bar opening spread around town like a sinus infection. Thousand bourbons, I heard. All kinds of whiskey. Cocktails galore.

After a recent visit to Doc’s Bourbon Room, I can sign my name to the long list of supporters. Doc’s is legit, and it’s exactly what Whiskey Row needed.

Prices are reasonable, and pours from the inventory of about 2,000 bottles can be enjoyed in 1-ounce or 2-ounce increments. That means if you just want to try something, like the latest Old Fitz 15 Year, you don’t have to spend an arm and a liver doing so.

The outgoing and competent staff explained that they’d like to have 3,000 bottles by Derby. It’s great to have goals!

I decided to try out their signature Old Fashioned because, after all, it is the city’s official cocktail, and I’ve been assigned by the mayor to investigate the best in the city and make sure every establishment is up to par. Doc’s certainly is. Their Seasonal Old Fashioned was made with Michter’s Bourbon, fig and sage demerara, and birch bark bitters — and it was tasty!

food at Doc's Bourbon Room

All mine! | Photo by Miriam Rodriguez

But not too tasty. A good Old Fashioned should never be masked. Meaning, if bourbon isn’t the first thing you taste, it’s a waste of sugar and calories. That one cost $13 — a typical price for cocktails at fancier bars downtown — but you could also create your own Old Fashioned using a cheaper bourbon, and I’m sure the price would come down a few bucks.

The cocktail menu included a dozen options in all and showcased some that didn’t have bourbon or whiskey at all — in case there are those people among us.

The small-bites menu features everything from pretzels and beer cheese to fried green tomatoes, spring rolls and buffalo cauliflower (Huh? And nope! I firmly believe cauliflower is the vodka of vegetables. Take that, Oprah!).

I also sampled some scrumptious dessert that I had to see (and bite) to believe: a Grilled Hershey Sandwich. It was exactly what you’d imagine: a grilled cheese sandwich with melted Hershey bars where the cheese should be. A little raspberry sauce was drizzled over to make it appear healthy — and boom, you’ve got yourself the best thing that’s been in your mouth since Grandma’s pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving!

It seems like the food is meant to be shared, making Doc’s Bourbon Room an ideal stop before a game or concert … or just a place to gather after work with friends.

It’s fun to marvel at the endless shelves of whiskey, but being the weirdo I am, I wondered what would happen if an earthquake were to hit Kentucky. All those 2,000 bottles would come crashing down, as would my own small collection in my home, and we’d all have an unfortunate situation on our hands. Let’s just hope that never happens and work on securing some insurance should an unfortunate act of god occur.

Anyway, Doc’s Bourbon Room is a welcome addition to Whiskey Row! It officially opens on Wednesday, Feb. 5.

Who wants to try and drink all 2,000 bottles with me before Derby?

Here are some more photos of the eats, drinks and all those bottles.

Jefferson's Reserve

Liege & Dairy partners with Jefferson’s Reserve for Bourbon Heritage Month!

Jefferson's Reserve

Yes, yes, yes! | Courtesy of Liege & Dairy

Of course bourbon goes with everything — yes, even A-1 sauce.

I’ve tried it.

The pairing of ice cream and bourbon is nothing new, but what is new is the creative concoctions that come from the two.

For instance, in honor of September being National Bourbon Heritage Month, Trey Zoeller of Jefferson’s Bourbon got together with Andrew Llewellyn of Liége & Dairy to create three month-watering combinations of bourbon and ice cream.

Let’s take a look at those flavors:

• Trey-Fecta: What’s better than s’mores, bacon and bourbon? This has a graham cracker bourbon ice cream base with notes of marshmallow and bacon pieces. Holy cow (or pig?)!

• Papa Chet: Bourbon honey ice cream with pralines and caramel. (Chet is Zoeller’s father’s name with whom he started Jefferson’s Bourbon, and it’s also his son’s name. Zoeller also loves pralines since he went to Tulane University in New Orleans.)

Jefferson’s Manhattan: Chocolate bourbon ice cream with cherries and chocolate chunks, which features Jefferson’s Manhattan cocktail mix in the recipe.

Personally, I’d like to try all three. But if I could only choose one, it would be the Trey-Fecta because I love anything with marshmallow in it (except for Peeps).

The flavors are available at both Liége & Dairy locations — one in Holiday Manor (2212 Holiday Manor Center) and one in Middletown (12003 Shelbyville Road) — through September, unless they sell out.

So run, don’t walk, before the chance for this bourbon bliss melts away …

ice cream

Check out the Jefferson’s Manhattan! | Courtesy

Today’s Reason To Drink

After God made marshmallow, she made Tums.

I recently did an exposé — an in-depth coverage, not the band from the ’80s — on the uptick of marshmallow usage in the NuLu area.

It required me to eat three marshmallow-heavy desserts back to back, which kept me wired all weekend, along with a stomach ache and a canker sore on my tongue.

The moral of the story: Even marshmallow should be enjoyed in moderation. #marshmoderation

I may not be able to eat the puffy treats for a few months. OK, maybe a few days.

If you didn’t catch the story, you can read it here.

Today’s Reason To Drink


I’m on this Keto bullshit diet and I’m hungry. I want pizza, chocolate, ice cream, beer, pasta and chips.

Why can’t there be an opposite of Keto diet? Where you just eat carbs and no protein?

I guess that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 10 years and why my pants are tight.

Anyway, I’m down 6 pounds, but dammit, is it worth not eating pizza?

I went to Wick’s the other day and split a pizza with a friend, and she watched in horror as I scalped my pie, consuming only the top layers. It was actually pretty good, but something was missing that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Oh — wait — it’s the damn crust! As god intended.

Today’s Reason To Drink

Holy S’more No. 1!

I went to a wedding over the weekend that had a real live S’mores Bar!

All the ingredients necessary, and not necessary, were laid out for you to pile on at your own free will.

There was a lady behind the table with a torch who’d toast the marshmallow for you, but other than that, there was no supervision whatsoever.

I visited said bar twice.

The graham crackers were homemade, as were the marshmallows, and the topping options included the standard Hershey bar (three squares), a Reece’s Cup, a piece of Ghirardelli chocolate, drippy chocolate fudge and hot caramel.

Of course both of mine used the standard Hershey chocolate, but I ended up adding drizzles (OK, rivers) of fudge and caramel on top — just because.

I’m thinking of installing a bar like this in my house, but I’d have to move some bourbon out of the way.

Today’s Reason To Drink

Pants are dumb.

My pants are tight
And it’s not alright.

I’ve been eating too much cheese
Somebody help me, please.

My pants are tight
And it’s not alright.

I sit here pained
Thinking about the weight I’ve gained.

My pants are tight
And it’s not alright.

It’s squeezing me with an unyielding force
I feel as big as a Derby horse.

My pants are tight
And it’s not alright.

I look like a summer sausage glistening in a bun
I’d give anything (but cheese) to not weigh a ton.

My pants are tight
And it’s not alright.

I vow to eat less and move more
Because, dear food, I am not your whore.

My pants are tight
And it’s not alright.

Today’s Reason To Drink

Better with chocolate.

So I tried the latest Dairy Queen Blizzard — the one with both Reece’s Pieces and bits of Reece’s Cups mixed together, along with some caramel for good measure.

It was delicious, as you might imagine, and I enjoyed the chunkiness throughout the entire small cup.


Y’all’s Louisville Dairy Queens suck because they don’t offer an option of chocolate soft serve. Yes, it’s a fact that a majority of Dairy Queens in the country offer BOTH vanilla and chocolate soft serve.

In fact, the Dairy Queen in my tiny town of Tipp City, Ohio, where I grew up, had both options.

This Blizzard would have been much better with chocolate ice cream instead of the plain-Jane vanilla. Who’s got time for vanilla?

So why don’t Louisville Dairy Queens offer both? I called the DQ HQ shortly after I moved to town and discovered this travesty, and they said it was because one dude owns most of the franchises here, and he chooses to only use vanilla machines.

People just don’t get it.

I’ve done some research over the years, and one of the closest DQs not owned by this dude is in La Grange. So go there and ask for the Blizzard of the Month made with chocolate ice cream.

It’ll change your life.

Today’s Reason To Drink

Coffee & Smores!

Louisville Cream should be illegal. Or maybe just illegal for me.

There I was, scrolling through Facebook yesterday, looking at weekend pictures from people I don’t know, watching dog videos, and spying on the life of that one girl who hated me in high school — and ka-blam! — a decadent image of melty ice cream atop a cone popped up.

But this wasn’t any ice cream.

This was peanut butter-flavored ice cream that had been rollin’ in the hay with cookies & cream. Cookie smudges were all over the place. Damn the Louisville Cream people for capturing this food porn and making me watch it!

Of course I immediately stopped in after lunch for an affair of my own. And as I sat in that awful downtown construction traffic, licking my cone, I was in pure bliss.

And then, not five minutes after returning to my work computer, I again scrolled through Facebook to refocus my mind — and ka-blam! — there was ANOTHER cone porn photo from Louisville Cream, this time touting their new Coffee & Smores concoction.

How did I even miss this flavor while I was there? How can I be craving another scoop when I just inhaled one? Is there a god?

Seriously. It’s been on my mind since I first glimpsed it, and the only way to diminish those fattening flames is to go try it for myself.

I’m trying to lose weight here, people. And you’re making ice cream with smores and coffee and peanut butter and Oreos? How is a person supposed to win in this situation?

Why can’t Louisville Cream make ice cream out of asparagus? How about broccoli & tofu? Or maybe peas &  baby veal? That way I could make it through every day without the urge for ice cream.

Give a girl a break, would ya?