Today’s Reason To Drink

Ship me some bourbon!

So yesterday I wrote about the passage of HB 400, which will allow visitors to ship home the bourbon they buy from Kentucky distilleries, but it’ll also allow us to visit other distilleries and wineries in other states and ship shit back to our address.

However, at the moment, there are only seven states and D.C. where we can do this, and California, Indiana and Ohio are not in the seven.

The good news is it’s a step in the right direction with getting rid of antiquated laws. The bad news is it just may take some time before we have partnerships with all the states.

If you’re interested in any of this, read more about it here.

Today’s Reason To Drink

Learning about Elk Creek Winery.

It all started with a Groupon.

I bought a Groupon a few months ago when I thought I had a date with a woman from northern Kentucky. It was for a winery up there — Elk Creek Vineyards, to be more specific.

Anyway, that courtship fizzled out, as they all do these days, but I still had this Groupon to use before March. So my buddy Anna and I made the trek north yesterday and had a great time sipping, touring and getting lost along Kentucky’s long and winding backroads.

Not only did we do Elk Creek, but we also made our way to the Little Kentucky River Winery, which was sadly closed, and then finally Smith-Berry Winery, which had some delicious finds.

I didn’t realize the “Berry” in Smith-Berry was related to Wendell Berry (it’s his daughter, although she and the now-owner of the company are divorced), and it made me like the wine even more.

One of my favorites of the day was a Smith-Berry red called Brother John. Deep notes of cocoa permeated throughout. Yummm. (Also, Brother John is a tribute to Wendell’s brother.)

Did I mention there was cheese involved at both stops? Bonus!

I vow to make 2018 the year of the Kentucky Wine Trail! Two stops down, dozens and dozens more to go.

Today’s Reason To Drink

Blackberry and bourbon!

Recently tried this Huber’s Blackberry Wine that was aged in a bourbon barrel — delicious, especially if you like sweet wines and, well, bourbon.

I’ve written about my love of the Southern Indiana winery (and now distillery) many times here, and it seems Huber’s continues to outdo itself.

Can’t wait for warmer temperatures when I can return to sample wine and eat cheese outdoors, as God intended.

I hear they have a blackberry-infused bourbon now as well. I definitely need to try that ASAP.

Anyone had it?

Today’s Reason To Drink

I predict wine and cheese in my future.

I read an article today on VinePair, courtesy of the Mark Brown Industry News Update, that wine is going to get more expensive very soon.

Not only because of the fires in California, but also because of several severe weather instances and natural disasters over in Europe as well. The article states:

Europe as a whole is experiencing its worst grape harvest since 1982, which is big considering that France, Italy, and Spain produce more than half of the world’s wine. All of Europe is expected to produce 14.5 billion liters of wine, a 14 percent reduction from 2016, according to the European Commission. CNN Money reports that Italy has suffered the worst dearth of grapes, producing 21 percent less liters of wine than in 2016. France and Spain aren’t much better off, and are expecting to produce 15 percent less volume than in 2016.

Ack! Part of me wants to rush out and buy up all the 7 Deadly Zins at Costco for $9.99 a bottle. But the other part of me realizes I have no place to store all that wine, and no budget to buy more than two bottles at the moment. Hell, I can’t even afford a membership to Costco.

Maybe when I go to Huber’s this weekend, I’ll load up on blackberry and strawberry wines — but wait, we’ve had no major natural disasters here lately. Shouldn’t Indiana wine costs remain about the same?

Is there anyone in the world right now, other than the owner of an Indiana winery, asking that very question?


Today’s Reason To Drink

Summer bliss.

Took a spontaneous trip to Huber’s Winery last Sunday and it refueled my fire for wine, cheese and ice cream.

Of course, it was hot as balls and I got eaten by mosquitos, but I enjoyed sitting at a picnic table sipping on blackberry wine and eating cheese pizza and homemade blueberry ice cream.

Is it better in the fall? Of course. But it’s not terrible in the summer.

Peaches were in season and the wine-tasting host was generous.