Dundee Challenge Results

It was rough. Seemed harder this year. Guess that’s because I randomly picked a lot of strong, dark beers — included were Rogue Dead Guy, Smithwicks, Guinness … and some heavy but pleasant beers like Blue Moon and Stella. The only light domestic beer I got was Miller Lite, and that was No. 10, if you can believe it!

In the end, I can brag that I’m three for three on Dundee Challenges. In fact, I was the only one to finish the Challenge this year. At about seven or eight beers, the night started to unravel. Emotions were heightened, bodily functions impaired. One brave soul attempted the “chugging” method approach to the Challenge. But it soon devoured her by the eighth round. One other Challenger made it all the way to the end, half a glass left to go, but let her emotions get the best of her, and she stormed out of the bar. (Perhaps it could have been the evil bourbon sidecar she ordered at Round 7 — big mistake, big.)

The moral: Bring nothing to the table but a desire to finish the Challenge. Emotions are for martini drinkers.

Let this be a lesson to all.

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  1. Woodford Man says:

    I have the upmost respect for the challenge. That Miller Lite was the toughest beer I ever tried to drink. Almost made it…

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