Germans do it better? (fingers crossed)

The bar formerly known as Dublin Cellar (and Wet Willy’s and then just Willy’s) is changing its name, atmosphere and origin of choice once again — this time to Renbarger’s Brewhaus, a German-themed bar. Leo the bartender says they’ll be open throughout “the change,” and will have a grand opening on Saturday, July 18. Moderate interior and exterior changes will be made to reflect the new theme.

They took a stab at the Caribbean vibe with Wet Willy’s and Willy’s, then hopped the pond to Ireland and opened up the Dublin Cellar, now apparently they’re tackling The Fatherland with this Brewhaus.

I’ve got high hopes for the Brewhaus but am questioning its German theme. Seems like we need a few good Russian bars in town first. You could call it The Comrade and paint it red. Kinda model it after Rich O’s Red Room. Top shelf vodka … an ice bar … I can picture it now.

The good news is, the lizard is staying. It’s unknown at presstime whether he’ll have to give up the bangers-n-mash for sausage-n-kraut. 

Brewhaus/Dublin/Willy’s is located at 942 Baxter Ave. (583-2969).

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