Tickets still available for Top of the Hops tomorrow …

Beer. Air Conditioning. Food. Beer. Music. Friends. Beer. Beer. And Beer. — These are the reasons to check out Top of the Hops tomorrow afternoon. The traveling beer festival promises samples of more than 275 beers from around the world … including our local breweries right here in Louisville. If you buy your tickets early, they’re only $40. It goes from 2-6 p.m. at the Convention Center downtown. Check out

Some of you may be wary because this isn’t a local show. But the first thing the promoters did when they decided that Louisvillians love beer and could support a festival was contact all the regional brewers — including BBC, Cumberland, Browning’s and NABC. This is indeed a traveling beer show … but they want to make sure the locals have a strong spotlight in each city they saturate. Sounds responsible enough to me. Kinda like a traveling musician who comes to town and picks a local musician to open up. It happens all the time. So sit back and enjoy a beer or 200.

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