Louisville Craft Beer Week — Sept. 24-Oct. 2

This is from my favorite beer curmudgeon, Roger Baylor:

To my friends in the various bewildering formats of media,

It is my judgment that if the most interesting man in the world really existed, he’d hardly be drinking Dos Equis – not because there’s anything intrinsically wrong with Dos Equis, but because there are so many things far more interesting about the world of American craft brewing.

Toward this end, the first and hopefully annual Louisville Craft Beer Week commences on Friday, September 24 and runs through the following Saturday (October 2).

LCBW is a collaborative effort on the part of Louisville area brewing companies, wholesalers, retailers, and numerous beer lovers in various shapes and sizes. The event is modeled on similar celebrations in places like Philadelphia and Cleveland, and no matter the locale, the intent remains the same: To showcase the incredible variety and expanding market presence of craft brewing in America.

Accordingly, the beers and events we’re touting are made in the USA, so if you notice an omission, it may be because imports are the feature.

This note is a bit premature, because not all the pieces of information are yet finalized; however, most of the main “marquee” events are in place, as well as numerous other gatherings, tastings and samplings all over town. By the end of the week, there’ll be lists of activities at LCBW’s main sponsors: BoomBozz Taphouse, Liquor Barn and ValuMarket.

Because the situation is fluid, my strategy as LCBW propaganda minister is to direct you to the web/blog site where information is being compiled. You’ll see lists of information in the right hand column, and links to details. To reiterate, most of it is clear, and the parts that aren’t should be finished by the end of the week (there’ll be a Wednesday night event finalized by then).

Main LCBW listing: louisvillecraftbeerweek.blogspot.com/

Also on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Louisville-Craft-Beer-Week/272893870820

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