Yarmuth and Ezra Klein discuss the finer aspects of bourbon

Check out John Yarmuth in The Washington Post with blogger Ezra Klein. Glad to know he’s got bourbon’s back. Go John! Cheers.

Here’s an excerpt from the conversation:

EK: Why is bourbon taxed more heavily than other spirits?
JY: I’m not exactly sure why it is. There have been preferences on things like rum to help the economies of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. But I’m not sure why it’s so high on bourbon. It’s like 13 dollars per proof gallon while rum is a dollar or two dollars.

EK: So what’s your favorite kind of bourbon?
JY: That would be political suicide. [Laughs.]

EK: Then how about this: Which bourbons are currently in your office?
JY: Right now, we have Maker’s Mark, Woodford Reserve and Elijah Craig.

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