Today’s Reason To Drink


A hat by Laura Shine’s mom!

You know how people are, like, “Hey, you should shop local — Keep Louisville Weird — and shit”? Well, I’ve been trying my best to do just that. And it’s a win-win in so many instances. First, there are no trips to an overcrowded mall. No fighting for parking spaces. No long lines standing behind someone who is coughing up a lung.

Most of my family and friends are going to receive local gifts. Another plus to shopping local is the store will usually wrap the gift for you — and sometimes go all out and put it in a box and tie a bow around it! I got something the other day at Work the Metal (inside the Butchertown Market), and they boxed it up in a pretty Smurf-blue box and tied a red bow around it. It was the fanciest-looking gift I’ve ever given someone! They better like it, dammit!

Some of my other favorite local shops are Regalo, which has the best socks that have strange words on them (like Dork, Beer, Bacon, Tits) as well as all sorts of crazy shit, South Bayly Boutique, which also has knickknacks, local art and comfortable socks, and Consider Boutique, which is where I accidentally bought a hat for myself last Friday. But it’s not any hat. This hat was made by Laura Shine’s mom! (It’s pictured above.) Where else can you get a Laura Shine’s Mom Original? Nowhere, that’s where. It’s so light and not tight that it doesn’t mess up your hair when you wear it. Bonus!

There are tons more stores I haven’t even mentioned, like Why Louisville, Red Tree and Ultra Pop. So get out there, don’t go to the mall, and shop local. Let them wrap everything, giving you more time to enjoy your egg nog.

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