Today’s Reason To Drink

SP_CoctailConferenceI usually shy away from organized conventions because the topics just don’t hold my attention enough to give up an entire afternoon. But then I heard about this Cocktail Culture Conference, and my outlook began to change. Organized by U of L and Drake University, the event spans two days and is fairly reasonable — the morning sessions at the Brown Hotel are free, and the afternoon sessions at St. Charles Exchange are $10 and include drink samples. Some of the more interesting topics include “Cocktail Culture, Idealized Feminity and Post-War Cocktail Dress” by Lori Hall-Araujo (independent); “Hangovers, Hairs of the Dog, and the Inevitability of Excess” by Stephen Schneider (U of L); and “Confessions of a Cocktail Nerd” by Sonja Kassebaum of North Shore Distillery.

I’m participating in Saturday afternoon’s panel discussion on Louisville’s own cocktail scene. Mom is proud! My session starts at 2:30 p.m. at St. Charles Exchange and costs $10 — but there will be cocktail samples involved! Woot! The session before mine starts at 1, so you should make an afternoon of it. Here are the details:

April 4-5
Cocktail Culture Conference
Brown Hotel & St. Charles Exchange

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