Louisville gets a Planet!


I’ll be searching for my Shane at Louisville’s Planet.

I reported today at Insider Louisville that The Planet Bar & Bistro is going where Mixer was in the Highlands. This is great news, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Jennifer and Marge can do with the space.

While it’s a lesbian-owned bar and refers to The Planet in the popular Showtime series “The L Word,” it’s not a lesbian/gay bar per say. It’s going to be an all-encompassing neighborhood pub¬†with live music and solid drinks.

The Planet in “The L Word” was welcoming to everyone and was kinda like a Cheers for lesbians. Everybody knew your name, but¬†everybody also knew who you slept with last. Bada bing! Hopefully this Planet will be less intrusive and will serve drinks faster than Jenny could.

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